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Monday, July 19, 2004


As in Red Curtain Of Blood. It's the veil of rage that falls over your eyes when you see something particularly foul and corrupt (like the AWB or Sen. Hillary Clinton).

And every gun owner and enthusiast should have one when they read this letter sent to Kim du Toit.

I was just fired a few minutes ago. Officially I was "terminated without cause", and that for future employment inquiries they will report that I "decided to leave". Unofficially I learned that the decision had been made by "senior management" to fire me about three months ago, but that they had kept me on to finish up my projects.

Coincidentally, about three months ago I was at a social function with my boss's boss when he took me aside and said to me "Is that a gun?" -- I was, as usual, carrying my Kahr K9, and he had seen the gun under my shirt -- "Would you mind taking that out to your car? I really don't like guns and I don't think it's appropriate for you to have one here".

Read the whole thing.

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