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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Why is nobody beating his face in?

Where I come from, screaming in someone's face is a sign of aggression, and should be responded to accordingly.  Beat.  His.  Fucking.  Face.  In.  Stomp a mudhole in his ass, and maybe the next time he feels froggy he won't go screaming in respectable people's faces.

In any case, video cameras are exposing just what a collection of freaks and losers the Occupy camps are.  And Obama endorsed!  Don't forget that, especially when the reports of rape and sexual assault keep coming out.  Obama-endorsed rape camps.

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Anonymous said...

I notice it seems common for the ocupy folk to bump with the chest, then complain that others are in there space? This guy even bumped the police man a little. Yesterday I saw a clip of a proteser in NY, repeatedly backing into an older man while shouting don't push me. Non agressive aggression? I am guessing one can not beat them down for "accidentaly" bumping into you. It reminds me of children playing the I am not touching you while holding a hand or finger an inch away from a siblings face.
The man giving the finger to the camera then saying it does not mean anything, it's just a finger. Whats up with that? He knows it is not just a finger, but denies the meaning. Week.