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Friday, September 03, 2004

What An Entrance

Last night at the Republican National Convention, the President made (IMO) an awesome entrance. After a nice video warm up, two lighted panels moved opposite directions toward each other between the two large screens on either side of the stage and crossed in the center revealing the President standing behind where they'd met. There were many impressive performances, but (as a fan of G.W.) that was my favorite moment. I love Sara Evans, and appreciated her musical performance as well as the Harlem Choir, and Michael W. Smith. My favorite speech is a toss up between Arnold and G.W. with George Pataki, Tommy Franks, Michael Steele, John McCain, Rudy Guiliani, Zell Miller and Elisabeth Hasselbeck all close behind. The best part is that I know exactly how those delegates felt. I wish I had been there. Instead, I'll settle for purchasing the DVDs from C-SPAN for a small fotune. I'm only getting nights 2 and 4 for the time being. I'll get the rest later on. They'll replay some of the speeches this Saturday so I may be able to fill in a few gaps then.

I'm sure the donkeys would love for everyone to believe that the whole convention was one Zell Miller speech after another. Not so. Especially not so in regards to President Bush. One of my favorite speeches came from George Pataki who spent equal time on praising Bush and damning Kerry. Flipper will do more damage to himself than we ever could. Look at his infantile tirade just MOMENTS after our convention wrapped. Scared much, Flipper? I loved Governor Pataki's spin on the DNC convention theme, "Hype is on the way." I'll go further. Hype is HERE! Kerry blusters about "questioning his patriotism" Flipper. Just your honesty, integrity, character, and leadership ability. On all points he has been found wanting......badly. How hypocritical is it to blast people for questioning your "patriotism" only to blast someone else for their military service or lack there of in the same breath?! He's bitter. He's wounded. And he thinks his medals (the ones he THREW OVER THE WHITE HOUSE FENCE) earn him a free pass. Arrogance. "I don't fall down." Sure, you don't. "That son of a bitch knocked me down." That "son of a bitch" was there to take a bullet for your sorry ass. "They raped, cut off heads,......" Traitor! "Christmas in Cambodia" Liar! A late night rally RIGHT after the GOP convention wraps. Desperate Loser.

Enjoy the king you've picked donkeys, because I am damn PROUD to call George W. my President! :)

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