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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pulled Pork and Coke on the Flat Screen Monitor

Fricking Lileks on the Convention:

Watching Rudi G throw down for the Dub. Opening line says it all: "Welcome to the Capitol of the World." Mwah hah hah! Quel cowboi, non? Everyone knows the capitol of the world is Brussels.

"Quel cowboi"


And that ain't all.

But what Giuliani did was completely typical: aggressive graciousness. It’s why people who disagree with many of his positions admire him greatly, and why he spoke Monday night. And dang: he was good. He was hard: first time I’ve heard someone get up and slam Arafat by name in such a context. A sharp elbow at Germany. A Kerry section played mostly for laughs. An amazing last 10 minutes - dodged nothing. It was like watching a blacksmith at work while he whistled opera.


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