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Monday, August 30, 2004

Jet Lagged

I got back into Seattle yesterday, suffering from jet lag and wishing I lived somewhere else. Ah well, soon.

I need to remember that going to a family member's wedding isn't really a vacation, even if you want it to be. It was fun? Yes. Worth it? Without a doubt. I would have gone to my brother's wedding even if I had to walk across the country to do it. But it wasn't a vacation.

The location was awsome. Our family had rented out a house on the waterfront in Wareham, MA. I woke up to the sound of boat horns and black cormorants splashing in Buzzards Bay. The house itself was built in 1875, with several additions added throughout the years. It was owned by a former antiques dealer, so the entire house was filled with tons of old relics and oddities. I loved the place. It just had history filling it, from the 18th century kitchen utinsils hanging on the kitchen wall to the Civil War flintlock in the billiards room. And it was the perfect place for a wedding. The ceremony was held outside, in front of the water. Short, sweet, simple and to the point.

The one downside: Mosquitos. Everybody was just eaten alive when we were on the back lawn, and the wind kept blowing out the citronella candles that we were trying to use. But it was still worth it.

And the FOOD! Oh my goodness, the tons and tons of food.... Let me just say that neither side of my family skimps when it comes to our victuals, or our booze. I think I gained twenty pounds; Pants that fit me just fine when I left last week are now straining at the seams when I put them on. Lobster, beef tenderloin, veggies of all types and styles, chicken, raw oysters, steamed mussels, clams, clam chowder, four different types of cheese just at the rehersal dinner alone, fresh corn on the cob, and on and on and on...... You never go hungry at one of my family's gatherings. And the bar was pretty much open 24/7. I killed a bottle of Jameson's Whiskey just by myself, and that doesn't bring into account the Bombay Sapphire that I interspersed into my drinking routine, nor the beer that people insisted I try. My flask is filled with Maker's Mark right now, brought home with me on the plane.

I had brought a bundle of good cigars with me, and my brother had picked up a box of good stogies as well. Other people brought more cigars, and we had them all in a big humidor in the billiards room. People could just grab a stick and wander down to the dock, standing over the water and looking out at Cape Cod while they smoked, enjoying the sound of water hitting wood and boats motoring out into the open seas.

I managed to get a hold of Bruce from mAss Backwards, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make time for a range session or a beer with him. The one day I had free was suddenly tied up with getting items needed for the wedding, and then the bachelor party that night. Bruce, if I had found the time I would have loved to go shooting with ya. I'll be back there next year at the very least, so there's still a chance we can get together.

All in all it was a damn good wedding, and I had a good time. I avoided the news while I was there, so I have a week's worth of catching up to do. I'll do my reading and then get back to politics as usual. From what I'm reading, John Fonda Kerry has been cut off at the knees as of late. Heh. It couldn't happen to a more deserving liar. And now his lackeys and hanger-ons are being exposed as the worthless truth-challenged idiots that they are, which is causing me no end of laughter.

I can't wait till November 2nd.

Davey's back!

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