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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Flipper Or Just A Blatant Liar?

I'm going to link to a post by kevinp at Blogs For Bush in two different posts here at The 4. It covers two different points, and neither one can be over stated. First up, we have John Flipper Kerry blustering about his Anti-Castro....ness. Wouldn't ya know it! He's still voting for something before the final vote which he, of course, votes against.

"I'm pretty tough on Castro, because I think he's running one of the last vestiges of a Stalinist secret police government in the world," Kerry told WPLG-ABC 10 reporter Michael Putney in an interview to be aired at 11:30 this morning.

Then, reaching back eight years to one of the more significant efforts to toughen sanctions on the communist island, Kerry volunteered: "And I voted for the Helms-Burton legislation to be tough on companies that deal with him."

It seemed the correct answer in a year in which Democratic strategists think they can make a play for at least a portion of the important Cuban-American vote -- as they did in 1996 when more than three in 10 backed President Clinton's reelection after he signed the sanctions measure written by Sen. Jesse Helms and Rep. Dan Burton.
There is only one problem: Kerry voted against it.

Now, does Kerry care that he's a pathetic liar? Hell no! He's lied this lie before!

Referring to the Helms Burton legislation in an excerpt from a Slate article quoted at Blogs For Bush:

Kerry aides told Wallsten that Kerry voted against the final bill because he disagreed with some technicalities added at the last minute, but that he voted for an earlier version of the bill. But every piece of legislation that comes before the Senate is subjected to a succession of votes, many of them tactical in nature. The only vote that counts is final passage. If it were otherwise, any legislator could claim to have voted for or against almost any bill, depending on the audience, and there would be no accountability at all.

His decision to highlight votes on procedural motions before the vote for final passage of a bill followed by this decision to highlight those procedural votes rather than the up or down vote is utter premeditated duplicitous political slight of hand. Looking at how he votes on final passage tells us, as opposed to how he votes procedural, EXACTLY what John Flipper Kerry finds most important! He'll send our troops to war, but he won't give them what they need to do the job. He'll recognize that Castro is a Stalinist thug hunk of crap, but he won't stick it to the bastard.

These aren't even isolated events. Look at his response to being confronted with the lies he's told about his past!

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