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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tom Vilsac - Retard

Metaphor is a WONDERFUL thing.

Iowa Governor *spit* Tom Vilsac *spit* on Kerry's eventual response to the Republican National Convention:

When John Kerry was captain of his swift boat in Vietnam he and the other men decided they had had enough. And so on the next ambush, they decided they would head right into the ambush site. He did just that, and beached the boat and charged right in. At 11:30 tonight [when he resumes his campaign], John Kerry is going to turn that boat around and he’s going to beach it."

HAW!!!! No! They aren't trying to sell Kerry on his military service alone. They aren't making that an By all means, Senator, don't let us stop you from Beaching your campaign! Only, try to be just as "courageous" as you were for the "real" Silver Star incident. :)

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