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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Eyes Have Seen - The 2004 Farm Progress Show. A Story of American Conservative Republicans

I would like to preface this entry into this growing conservative resource that I call "The 4" with a statement of appreciation for members of our online community. Readers/contributors/ideological brethren must know that we are all appreciated. The internet has given us a meeting place of limitless practicality. Let us cherish and preserve it as the hallmark of freedom that it is. Thank you.

Decisions and Resolve:

Thank you, Mom. Today I attended a rally for our 43rd President, George W. Bush. It was held at the 2004 Farm Progress Show. I do not have the official stats, but I've been told that 16,000 tickets were disseminated as requested. We arrived at the ticket pickup location only to find locked doors and "no more tickets" signs. After a couple of phone calls it was determined that as of 8PM Monday evening, our reserved tickets had been given to others who wanted to attend the event. We had missed a deadline. After a very brief struggle with self pity, we decided that, with the next several hours already dedicated to President Bush, we would make our way to the event in Hope that we would be let into the show despite our flubbed preparations.

Arrival and First Impressions:

With expedience we made our way to exit 96 behind a couple of W's fans, and in short order found ourselves in a massive glut of travelers with like intentions. The parking area was a large field, which seemed to have been plowed (perhaps the year before) hence it's rugged terrain. While walking toward the entrance to the show, we noticed that a car containing some older people had become lodged in one such rut. David (my companion for this day and all around awesome guy) and I helped push the car past this obstacle and were praised by passers by, "Helping other people! Right on!". Why did I mention this? Not for self aggrandizement. What I did is what each one of us should and hopefully would do. I mentioned it because a group of young "W sportin'" men recognized the fruition of our good citizenship with boisterous approval. It was a great start to a great day!

As Luck Would Have it:

We asked the woman at the gate if we could acquire a ticket to see the President and she directed us to a group of people directly behind her inside the show grounds. We explained our circumstances and repeated to them our request. After filling out a sheet, we had our tickets! I wish I could say this was karma, but such things can not be known and humility is required. In some alternate universe we may have ignored the folks with the stuck car only to find that a few hundred Bush enthusiasts had just cleaned house at the ticket stand.

The Weather:

Gorgeous! A bit warm in among all those people. Very little in the way of complaints....even from yours truly, a rarity. That didn't stop some vendors from distributing fee Coca-Cola and handfuls of ice cubes.

The Show:

The proceedings began with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. It felt good to see so many people participate in both, first reverently then with pride. I have never attended an event of this type. I did attend a wedding also visited by Iowa's previous Governor, (I miss you Terry!!!!) Terry Branstad who happened to be one of our first speakers. Awesome surprise! I would like to take a moment to apologize to those speakers left unmentioned, as this is merely an after thought to my day, my memory fails them. They deserved the applause visited upon them at the conclusion of each of their contributions....that and more. Next up was Senator McCain. I just read his convention speech the night before. He was still on message. He gave props to Rudy attaining the crowds approval, equal to his own. David and I were about 50 feet from the stage. I've been told that I'm loud. :) I tapped that for them all, and those in attendance made big noise for Bush.

Reaction To The Slapping Of The Flipper:

In our discussions of the day, David and I agreed that the crowds reaction to quoting Flipper was hardly hate filled. There were a few boos. Oh, but how we laughed. For what more can one do with the utterances of a buffoon. John Kerry's arrogant, ignorant, and selfish behavior both PAST and PRESENT have earned him our ridicule and (even in much smaller allowances owing to the arrogance previously mentioned) our pity.


I made it home in time for an important family event....but just barely. I am very very very very very very very glad that I did. That set the tone for the rest of my evening. Now home, the TV is set to C-SPAN (Thank you, Drumwaster). I should be recording this in MPEG-2, but I wanted to write this...I hope they replay it.....again. President Bush has a nice family. Arnold's speech!!! Rawk! The Harlem Chior! I loved it! Then I rejoined you on The 4. And I read about the violence and hatred born of leftist ignorance and visited upon the delegates to the 2004 Republican National Convention by the same sick leftist idiots. The contrast could not be more obvious, or more troubling, or sad, or pathetic, or so very telling! Those are the people who want to elect John Kerry.

I can not over state the value of the internet, friends. Major Media Leftist goon squad got ya down? Tell friends where to turn! Call them...and your neighbors! Tell them that because of the leadership of George Bush as much if not more than the state of the lying, violent, hate filled, ignorant left.....we have a long way to fall. You have a positive message. Spread it! Get together with others.

If I have any RNC media types reading this.....WE WANT CONVENTION DVDS! :)

David got the best pictures of those who spoke, I basically have these 2. We weren't close enough to the stage for a 2 mega pixel.

The first is our original view of the stage
Click this link to view the picture

I think this one does a nice job of illustrating the scale of The 2004 Farm Progress Show:

Click this link to view the picture

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