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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ya don't say!

You mean the environmental movement is full of neo-socialist hypocritical snotwads who care more about their supposed ideals than the actual reality of the places they protest for?

No way!

Found at AOSHQ, who also has a letter from a soldier that you NEED TO READ.

Today the mission continues, it never stops. We have service scheduled in about an hour which I know will be very difficult to attend, but necessary so that we can honor them and begin to heal. The mission is first, for the defense of our country, for you and for ourselves we will persevere.

Know this, our soldiers will not quit. We win every battle, we hold any piece of ground that we want to take.
Do not listen to those in Washington who influence events by dishonesty, manipulation and greed. Listen to your hearts and know that America is a winner. We will not accept defeat.
Don't be fooled by the news media who so dishonorably portrays one side of the story for gain and sensationalism. We are not losing, we are not running, the enemy is reeling and is scared.

Washington politicians lie for political gain, while our troops continue to kick ass and take names.

Just like normal.

UPDATE!: WAITAMINNIT! You mean to tell me that Socialists are nothing more than hypocritical shitweasels who do not practice what they preach and care more about their own comfort than the people they claim to support?

No way!

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