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Friday, February 02, 2007

Systematic breakdown

You know, when the press functions as it should, it can be a boon. No, truly, it can. But in order for the press to actually function, it needs to be responsible and objective in it's reporting. And I don't think we've had a responsible, objective press corps in this country for over forty years now. Case in point regarding lack of responsibility? THIS.

A photograph and videotape of a Texas soldier dying in Iraq published by the New York Times have triggered anger from his relatives and Army colleagues and revived a long-standing debate about which images of war are proper to show.

The journalists involved, Times reporter Damien Cave and Getty Images photographer Robert Nickelsberg, working for the Times, had their status as so-called embedded journalists suspended Tuesday by the Army corps in Baghdad, military officials said, because they violated a signed agreement not to publish photos or video of any wounded soldiers without official consent.

I believe that the lack of objectivity in today's media directly leads to it's lack of responsibility. To be blunt - the media's desire to push a biased agenda, i.e. Iraq is a quagmire, we're losing the war in Iraq, Bush is Hitler, ect. has led to the idiotic postings that violate every rule out there, such as not posting dead servicemember's photos until AFTER THE FAMILY HAS BEEN NOTIFIED!

I'll be blunt - the media, which hates the War in Iraq, is fighting against the military in general, and President Bush in particular. The media is a good part of why we left Vietnam, and they want to do the same thing to us today in the Middle East. In order to accomplish their goals, they have tossed aside every basic precept of objective journalism, and begun printing half-stories that are not the least objective. For Pete's sake, when a CBS reporter puts out an al-Qaeda propaganda video can calls it "news", you can no longer doubt their lack of objectivity!

The Press is broken, people. Cracked. Damaged. They're not anti-war, they're just on the other side. It's a systematic breakdown, resulting in a product that is worse than worthless.

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