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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Tends to bite people in the ass. Unfortunately, the people it bites are not the people who it SHOULD bite. The link is to a Publicola piece about Colorado's anti-smoking measure, which banned smoking in, among other places, bars.

Now, let me first say this - any law that bans a legal activity on the basis of "health" should be unconstitutional. Nobody is going to force anyone into a bar. If you don't like to be in a smoking bar, STAY THE HELL OUT! It really is that simple.

Business is down substantially, and Von Feldt doesn't have the records to show that he earned 5 percent of revenues from tobacco prior to the deadline set by Colorado's anti-smoking law. So no smoking in Billy's, as of yet.
'My revenues are down 41 percent,' Von Feldt said. He has laid off two people and now opens the bar himself seven days a week.
'I do all the janitorial work myself, too,' he said.
'With all the snow, I couldn't afford to hire anyone to plow it, so I do it by hand.'
Von Feldt said, 'We still get the same crowd, but they just don't stay as long.
In this kind of weather, who could stand outside and smoke a cigarette?"

So, damn near half this bar owner's income is gone, and two people are laid off. Tell me, what's more hazardous to your health - working in a smoky environment, or getting kicked out of your house because you lost your job and can't pay the rent?

Gargh! Nanny-statist fucking PUKES!

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