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Monday, May 17, 2004

Something Stinks

In North Korea

Syrian technicians accompanying unknown equipment were killed in the train explosion in North Korea on April 22, according to a report in a Japanese newspaper.

A military specialist on Korean affairs revealed that the Syrian technicians were killed in the explosion in Ryongchon in the northwestern part of the country, according to the Sankei Shimbun. The specialist said the Syrians were accompanying "large equipment" and that the damage from the explosion was greatest in the portion of the train they occupied.

The source said North Korean military personnel with protective suits responded to the scene soon after the explosion and removed material only from the Syrians' section of the train.
(emphasis mine)

So, people from a country that had Baa'thist ties to Iraq and are known sponsors of terrorism were on a train heading into a country controlled by an insane communist dictator known for selling weapons to anyone and everyone with cold hard cash.

Is that the basic gist of it?

Something stinks. Bad. A lot of people think that Saddam's WMD were transported to Syria. So Baa'thist terrorist sponsoring thugs meeting up with the world's worst commie crackpot makes me nervous. There's more to this story that we can see right now. Bank on it.

Found at Drumwaster's Rants.

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