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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Regarding Free Speech Zones:

What Bush's Secret Service have done may indeed be wrong in a Utopian world, and I don't see what's good about it, and I think it is productive for Conservatives to voice their concern. But at the very least we need to acknowledge that the American Left use free speech zones every day.

In many States, abortion protestors are enjoined from getting too close to get to a clinic.

ESPN's studios certainly aren't free speech zones, as Rush Limbaugh can attest.

Ditto Trent Lott in the Senate Chambers, for heaven's sake.

And from everything I have read in the past three weeks, a public school Second Grade teacher who would have her class sing "Silent Night" in their Holiday concert would get a quick lesson in Free Speech on Public Property.

Some Hitler sign-equipped people got pushed back a few hundred yards from the President last week?

Sauce for the gander.

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