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Friday, January 09, 2004

On my list of books to buy

Orsen Scott Card. Damn near every time I read an article that he's written, I find a gem of a quote that I wish I could have penned. Hell, even his reviews and critiques contain wisdom:

It is Tolkien who came out of the war with the story that must be believed by any society that intends to survive: That there are times when you must fight in order to keep all the good and beautiful things and people you love from being destroyed or enslaved; and though the fighting may be marked by error, waste, brutality, cruelty and wanton destruction, and even the side of Good can be corruptly or foolishly led, nevertheless good people will take up arms in a noble cause.

Just read that one paragraph a few times. How many times have you been trying to explain just why this war is important, why more "discussion" or "diplomacy" wouldn't work. Card as the ability to take the thoughts that I try to express but can't, and put them to paper.

I wish I had that talent.

Hat tip to Cold Fury.

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