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Sunday, January 04, 2004

I really don't know what more proof people need to see that gun control has a disastrous effect on crime rates. I could point out all the statistics, details, paperwork, what have you, and it still wouldn't sink into some people's heads. So how about this:

---Chicago finished off the year with more murders than New York or Los Angeles," said SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb. "During the past 12 months, 599 people were murdered in Chicago, three more than in New York, where 596 people were slain, and about 100 more than in Los Angeles.

Five hundred and ninty-nine people murdered in one of the strictest gun control cities in the USA. If you fart while carrying an unloaded, locked, secured handgun in Chicago, they arrest you for attempted homicide. If you sneeze while carrying a legally purchased gun, they bust out the Gestapo to play the marimba on your kneecaps. And yet five hundred and ninty-nine people were murdered in Chicago. That's more than the number of American soldiers who have died in a FRIGGING WAR ZONE!

When are the gun-grabbers going to figure out that criminals don't give a damn about your laws? When are the gun-grabbers going to figure out that criminals don't purchase guns at a gun shop or gun show? When are the gun-grabbers going to figure out that the best way to lower crime rates is to allow law abiding citizens to carry handguns?

I'm not holding my breath. At this point, gun control is a religious mantra to many on the Left. No proof is enough to change their minds. But I'd like to reach out to anyone who might be in the middle. Let me show you the statistics, the evidence. Hell, let me take you shooting. But please, lets stop this idiotic thinking that says gun control lowers crime. Because I can point to real world examples that show just the opposite.

And thanks to Kim du Toit for pointing this out. You made the right choice, Kim. Getting out of that city was the best thing you could do.

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