Day by Day

Friday, October 22, 2021

Too soon?



George Mckay said...

Just cannot work up a smidgeon of sympathy for this asshole. Baldwin is one of the most vile, evil tools in Hollyweird. His unfunny parody of MY President just pissed off Trump's followers so his plan to humiliate him didn't work.

mountain boy said...

I detest Baldwin, maybe this will make him take a long look in the mirror even tho I personally don't think it will. I think he will go for the sympathy victim card with the "Now I'm even more enlightened" anti gun card. The irony is that gun manufacturer's make big bucks off a industry that claims to hate them. 95% of movies and TV shows have anti-gun people shooting other anti-gun people endlessly which always brings a smile to my face. If that is not a galaxy sized hypocrisy, what is?