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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

There used to be an understanding that civilization required certain things. Like sanitation.

 Which necessitated certain behaviors, such as not allowing homeless drug addicts to live anywhere they want and shit all over the place and throw trash everywhere, because that leads to a resurgence of the kinds of disease we had back before civilization.

The Boston Public Health Commission is warning of a dangerous rat-borne disease that puts the homeless at “high risk” as the rodent population and encampments boom side by side in Mass and Cass.

“The Boston Public Health Commission is investigating a case of human leptospirosis resulting in hospitalization,” the BPHC began in memos sent to the city’s first responders and to clinicians in Boston.

Leptospirosis is a potentially nasty disease spread by the urine of infected animal — often rats or mice. It’s a bacterial infection that’s normally rare in the U.S., per the BPHC’s fact sheet.

When you ignore the lessons of civilization, you get the lessons of pre-civilization.  Or perhaps post-civilization, depending on which way you think we're going to go.  In any case, allowing drug addicts to live and shit and destroy your public spaces leads to infestations and disease.  Which anyone who hasn't swallowed the modernist bullshit could tell you, because we haven't self-blinded ourselves with said modernist bullshit.  

At this point, the people who allow this sort of thing to go on are either addicted to virtue signaling, or too scared to do anything that would actually prevent the resurgence of medieval diseases.  And they're going to learn a painful lesson.  Hopefully it will be short and painful, but I'm perfectly happy with the people of Boston learning a long and painful lesson, so long as they learn the lesson.  There's no guarantee of that.

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