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Sunday, October 17, 2021

This pathetic sow needs to shut up and get off the internet

 A US Army Reserve two-star is bitching and whining about her nails on Twatter.  Several folks have pointed out that this isn't exactly a helpful thing to do, and her response is "SHUT UP I AM WOMAN IN ARMY YOU DIRTY POO POO HEADS!"

I can't even begin to go over just how fucking wrong this moron is, all over the internet.

First of all, we just had a redo of AR 670-1 where women's looks were prioritized, much to the aghast mockery of old school bastards like myself.  So maybe take the win where you get it, General, and stop fucking bitching like a snot-nosed fucking teenager in junior high.  

Second - your response to some of the many even-handed responses boiled down to "I'M A WOMAN!  GET OVER IT!"  Well, you're certainly not an actual leader based on your actions, so I guess being a woman is all you got.  That ain't good enough, not for the amount of money you get paid, and the responsibilities you're supposed to be dealing with instead of bitching and whining about your fucking nails.

Your social justice agitprop bullshit that you vomited out as your pathetic fucking excuse for your bitching and whining about your nails was even worse than the original post itself.  You have proven that you have no clue about leadership or personal responsibility.  You're a fucking embarrassment to the US Army, the Army Reserve, and the military service itself.  Delete your twatter account and log off for a good long while, and think about what you could have done better.

I can't wait to retire.  This kind of bullshit "leadership" is going to destroy whatever command she's in charge of.  Lord help us all.

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Jim M said...

After serving as a commissioned officer in the Army for 32 years, I've never met a single female that was worth a dime. They waste class seats for all training and complain "MPH" about anything remotely challenging. If I was in the fight, I'd gladly trade them to any enemy. The military services should be all white and all male. End of story.