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Thursday, October 21, 2021

So, when I call American universities hotbeds of anti-American hatred and stupidity, I'm not joking.

 And I'm not being facetious.  

American college students have a soft spot for charitable giving — even when the recipient is the Taliban.

In his shocking new video “Students Fund the Taliban,” New York filmmaker Ami Horowitz hits up the campus of legendarily leftist school University of California, Berkeley, with a modest pitch: raise money for the Taliban to perpetrate its attacks on Americans.

“We’re raising money for the Taliban!” “Get your Taliban here,” Horowitz, 46, crows in the revealing three-minute “gotcha” clip, canvassing for terror with the blitheness of someone handing out coupons for a sandwich shop.

Yeah, Berkeley.  Wholly owned by some other country, because they sure as shit ain't American.  You want to know why this country is dying?  It is at least in part because Marxists control the higher education establishment, and they teach their students to hate this country as much as they do.

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