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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Another fully vaccinated person gets the Covid

 Couldn't happen to a nicer shitstain.  

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has tested positive for COVID-19, DHS confirmed on Tuesday – just days after he attended an event with President Biden.

A DHS spokesperson told Fox that contract tracing was underway after Mayorkas tested positive Tuesday morning. 

BUT MUH VAX WILL SAVE US!  Uh huh.  It doesn't stop infection.  It doesn't stop transmission.  It's worthless at it's stated goal.  So what's the real goal then, as it's being pushed as hard as the fascist Biden junta can push it?


Mike-SMO said...

Thereareome possibilities.

I'd guess that the manufacturers went all in with a guaranteed payment. "Mandating" a shot for employees means that the individual and/or their medical insurance pays the bill leaving more for government grift and "Gimme Dats".

Inaddition the "mandate" exempts Congress and the Judiciary ( and their staffs) as well as Illegal alien border jumpers/theives, vaccine manufacturers, and makes no mention of welfare recipients. I have no idea about the statistics of the various vaccines, but if they kill some useful people with the "jab" and eventually disable others with long-term vaccination reaction (e.g. autoimmune disease), then they will create opening for their dim, and defective "pets" who were unable to accomplish anything on theirown. At the USPS, they forced early retirement on many employees to make room for otherwise unemployable "pets". I am sure that they have a surplus of ghetto failures and useless, poorly educated "Woke" that they would love to dump on functioning "White"/"Capitalist" businesses.

The un-needed shutdowns damaged the economy and many small businesses. The "mandate" will probably cause many productive people to become unemployable and will probably tank businesses that will fail when productive employees walk rather than risk the vaccine.

From a Corruptocrat/Progressive/Socialist point of view, what is not to like about forcing vaccinations? It is a campaign of oppression on individuals and on the national economy.

George Mckay said...

Some companies are balking at this insanity. Southwest has been brought to it's knees by pilots and others not showing up for work. They are backing down on Bidet's mandate. Fuck Joe Biden and all the acolytes and dick-sucking morons who follow him and his masters - Obumblefuck, Soros and their ilk.

OTOH I am gratified to FINALLY see some people grow some balls and stand up to the assholes in charge. Fuck the man and fuck the idiots trying to destroy my country. I want to see them all flayed and the wounds doused with turpentine and wash, rinse and repeat ad nauseum. I could never be "in charge" cuz I cannot tolerate idiots, communists or degenerates - who can tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

It's the Agenda 21 population reduction plan.
Convince me otherwise; still won't take it.
And if anyone I love is harmed by being extorted into taking it to, say, keep a job they love, it's fucking war.

Ragin' Dave said...

George - that's kinda why I want people like you in charge. One of Trump's best qualities was that he'd fire the people who didn't get the job done. The press wailed about "instability", but stable failure is worse than unstable success.

George Mckay said...

Dave, I have dreams of what I would do to ALL the commie degenerates and their ilk. I would pack em off to Gitmo and sink the fuckin boat with NO lifebelts! No, that is too kind.

Burning at the stake - with Obumblefuck first and flayed and turpentine and then burned at the stake. I know I will never get the opportunity but, I have no sympathy for them or their cause.

We must be merciless as they will not be. I only hope and pray there is still a country left to save.