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Friday, October 22, 2021

This shit scares me

 Both my parents got the jab.  I'm pretty sure that they signed their own damn death warrant.

Vaccines do initially prevent people from catching Covid, but as the experience of Israel, the US and the UK attests, effectiveness begins to wane almost immediately. The latest UK data shows vaccine efficacy waning by around 5 per cent per week in double-vaccinated people over the last six weeks. Moreover, as efficacy declines, double-vaccinated people are more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated, with rates of infection in double-vaccinated people higher in every age group over 30. In those 30-39 years old, the infection rate is 824 per hundred thousand in the double-vaxxed compared to 710 in the unvaccinated, giving a vaccine efficacy rate of -16 per cent. This skyrockets to -109 percent in those aged 40-49 where the infection rate per 100,000 is 1,456 in the fully vaccinated and only 696 in the unvaccinated. For those aged 50-59, vaccine efficacy is -85 per cent, for those aged 60-69, it is -88 per cent, for those aged 70-79, it’s -79 per cent and for those aged 80 and over, it’s -22 per cent. This suggests that over time, vaccine-induced antibodies don’t simply dwindle to zero, they make the vaccinated person progressively more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated. It is not clear why.

I'm furious at the people who convinced them to get the jab months ago, and I'm even more furious at the shitheads to keep insisting that it's "safe and effective" even when the evidence against both those claims mount.

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