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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Trove of Linkies

I ain't got no virus and I ain't off to a renewed career with the Army, and hence should have more time to blog, but I ain't got much time at all.

Ergo I ask the Dear Reader to partake of some linky love with me. And yeah, I've been tested.

Lee notes that sometimes the dead and dying actualy do throw shots. Or maybe it's just the Fistagon covering for itself... More here. And, ummm, Misha seems angry about it.

Meawhile, DANEgerus notes just why it is that this past election was so critical. But, ummmm, if you feel strongly that Bush is wrong for the job, there is something daring and gutsy that you can do about it.

Speaking of chickens, 10,000 are dead in Israel.

C. Kallini notes that something remarkable happened in Fallujah, but, errrr, it ain't getting much play 'round these parts. This is a first hand account.

Drumwaster wants your opinion.

John Hawkins wants to know who were the most annoying liberals in 2004. He also would like you to note Ann Coulter's best. I guess I want to know why Right Wing News is all the way down in Scrollsville on our blogroll.

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