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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More Crap from the UN

While you might not have noticed it in the Has-Been Media, there have been more accusations of rape, pedophelia and prostitution by UN "peacekeepers" in the Congo.

While the Lame Stream Media overhypes every supposed US military misdeed with a hyperventilating fervor normally found displayed by young girls at an N'Sync concert, the outrage at the UN's misdeeds seems to be missing. Indeed, the reaction of the Has Been Media can be summed up with a shrug and hand-flip, since they can't damage the US military by reporting it, so why bother?

But despite the lackluster response of the worthless douchbags in the alphabet media stations, the vaunted UN peacekeeping force continues to shame themselves and expose just why I want nothing to do with that corrupt group. When the Bluehats are videotaped poking little kids, I see no reason to be a part of that.

No reason at all.

Found at Michelle Malkin's blog.

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