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Monday, November 24, 2003

The Prime Minister of Turkey seems to believe that an international coalition is needed to fight terrorism.

Turkey's prime minister has pleaded for international help in tracking down the suspected foreign masterminds of Istanbul's suicide bombings and says the attacks must not derail Turkish hopes of joining the EU.

With domestic investigations into the attacks zeroing in on the remote town of Bingol where Turkish media says the four bombers came from, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said only an international effort could bring the plot leaders to justice.

Expressing shame that the four suicide truck bombers in the attacks on two Istanbul synagogues as well as the British Consulate and a branch of London-based banking giant HSBC were Turkish, Erdogan said the attackers had global connections.

"All of our security forces at this point are looking into this international connection," he told BBC Television on Sunday. "Terrorism is a phenomenon which has international aspects and we must establish a joint platform to fight against it."

He called for international cooperation among intelligence organisations in the manhunt.

No word yet on whether France and Germany will help out.

Reuters | Turkey hunts for foreign links to bombings

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