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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Because some things you just have to share.

Some men have the ability to think great things. Some men have the ability to orate to a crowd and keep the on the edge of their seats for hours.

Some men can do both. Like Bill Whittle.

During the 30-odd years he was in power, Saddam Hussein murdered at least 300,000 of his own people. These are the ones we are finding in mass graves in Iraq. Another 300,000 – at least – were killed in his war with Iran and his two conflicts with the US. Those are bare-bones, undeniable, non-speculative, minimums.

That darling arithmetic works out to no less than 20,000 people a year killed by that lunatic, or about 1,700 people a month.

So how many innocent people have not died as a result of the Iraq war?

I get about 13,000 so far.

Thirteen thousand is about the size of a good basketball game. Perhaps we can convince the Lakers to play a charity game against the Spurs, say. Then we can put 13,000 Iraqi men, women and children into the Staples Center, and make Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, George Clooney, The Dixie Chicks, Janeane Garofalo, end every single person who signed the Not in Our Name petition kill those people in cold blood – electrodes, acid baths or shredders, to get the full effect, although the weak-stomached should be allowed to merely shoot them in the back of the head.

Because that is exactly what would have happened if these people had gotten their way.

Something to think about.

Mark Styne also has another article out.

As a side note to our Canadian friends: You're more than welcome to come to America, before the various stonings, beheadings, and "honor" killings begin.

Canadian judges soon will be enforcing Islamic law, or Sharia, in disputes between Muslims, possibly paving the way to one day administering criminal sentences, such as stoning women caught in adultery.

Just what the fuck is going on up there? I cannot believe that this in endorsed by the majority of Canadians. Anyone want to fill me in up there?

Canada, however, is preparing for its 1 million-strong Muslim minority to be under the authority of a Sharia system enforced by the Canadian court system, according to the Canadian Law Times.

Muslim delegates at a conference in Etobicoke, Ont., in October elected a 30-member council to establish the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice.

The institute is classified in Islamic law as a Darul-Qada, or judicial tribunal. Its bylaws are scheduled to be drafted and approved by Dec. 31.

Cases will be decided by a Muslim arbitrator, but the local secular Canadian court will be the enforcer.

Seriously guys, become a US citizen and you can even own all the guns you want to! Well, not in California or Massachusetts, but even Washington state allows you to have your own arsenal, so long as you aren't a criminal! Come on down!

Why don't we just declare Canada a Muslim state right now and forgo the formalities and death throes? That's the direction Ottowa seems to be heading, in my view. Or maybe BC and Alberta can form their own country.

Hat tips to Drumwaster and DANEgerous.

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