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Monday, November 24, 2003

By now you've probably heard about the outcry over MTBE contaminated drinking water. I can guarantee you a few things.

1) Democrats will demand action "for the Children".
2) Democrats and eco-freaks will blame evil Republicans.

Those things are certain. I'll even give 10-1 odds. But what most people will forget about is a very important fact.

MTBE was forced on the oil companies by The Donks, Eco-Freaks, and other groups on the Left.

Once viewed as key to reducing air pollution from cars, MTBE became an object of scorn when it was realized it was difficult to contain and clean up once it gets into drinking water.

The reason this crap is everywhere is because the government FORCED it to be everywhere! You couldn't sell gasoline without MTBE! Hell, you still can't buy gas without ethenol in Washington State, because it's been legislated in!

So this whole MTBE fracas is a direct result of Liberal meddling. Mark my words, you will NEVER see this in the NY Times.

Oh, THAT liberal media......

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