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Friday, July 23, 2004

Reading the 9/11 Commission's Report

I highly suggest that every American takes the time to do the same.  I'm only 54 pages into it (out of 585).  The 9/11 hijackers took advantage of our every weakness (especially in the FAA) that day.  The men and women that found themselves responsible for determining exactly what was going on did the absolute best job they could.  What transpired was unprecedented.  With IIRC 15 minutes warning, NORAD scrambled jets from Otis in response to 1 missing aircraft, but were several minutes too late to intercept.  There was no warning for the other three planes!  The terrorists turned off the planes' identification signal (relied upon in order to track specific aircraft).  When an aircraft passes into and out of an FAA control center's air space, responibility for locating that aircraft also switches hands.  They had no idea of the planes' destination until it was too late.  Tower 1 impact -8:46. Tower 2 impact 9:03.  I found it shocking that NORAD had only 2 fighters per station for emergency response and 7 alert sites in the United States.     They trained to intercept hijakcers using our jets to disperse WMD, but not for them turning them into human filled missiles. 

More later.
The 9/11 Commission Report

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