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Sunday, January 04, 2004

So tell me, since when does hiding weapons and explosives in a mosque count as a smart move?

Here's a hint: It doesn't. By the way, any assholes who want to scream about the Geneva Convention, shut your pieholes. The Geneva Convention clearely states that places of worship shall not be targeted UNLESS THEY ARE BEING USED FOR PURPOSES OTHER THAN WORSHIP, such as STORING OF AMMUNITION.

If these people are in a tiff because we went into their mosque, then maybe THEY SHOULDN'T BE STORING AK-47'S IN THERE! They're not pissed because we went into a mosque, they're pissed because we caught them being little terrorist supporting pissants! Thank god I'm not in charge over there, because I would have razed that building to the ground. Oh, you want to stockpile weapons here? Fine, no more building to hide your weapons in. Bring in the bulldozers!

But then, I'm not in charge. They should be facedown thanking Allah for that. I'm much more cold-hearted when dealing with people who want to kill me, or my allies.

Hat tip to the ever increadible Francis Porretto.

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