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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Home Cooking Done Right

The salmon is in the smoker right now. I'm using applewood to smoke it. The next batch is going to be alderwood. Once the salmon is smoked, we're making beef jerkey, and next week, we're smoking some chicken.

I've got salmon in the smoker, a girlfriend who kicks ass, a dog that's cute as hell, two cats who love me, a gunrack full of guns, ammo for all of them, and friends to drink with. Life for me right now is good.

And in conclusion, let me add that Hillary Clinton is a Miserable Failure.

(Oh c'mon, you knew I wasn't going to let that slip by!)

For those who are interested, this is the smoker that I bought. Although I don't know who is smoking what at that website. I went into a local sporting goods store and bought it for $50.00. Whoever put it up for $149.00 is smoking some serious crack.

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