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Monday, January 05, 2004

Eye on the Left found an article from the Seatlle Post-Intelligencer written by some Guest Columnist who posits that President Bush is popular because Americans are stupid. Here's an excerpt:

It's well past time that people confront this issue, no matter who's offended. We are on the way to becoming a nation of imbeciles. I'm certain that a plethora of "George W. Bush" jokes is already being circulated in every capital of the world. We can stop this sapping of our national integrity but we must do it soon, lest the morons become the norm and those of us who use our brains for more than memorizing advertising jingles are ourselves ostracized from society.

Let's start talking. Let's bring the S factor out of the closet and into the daylight where we can all see it, gulp at its hideousness and finally make serious attempts to bring it to bay.
Haw! By "bring it to bay" maybe he means only smart people could vote. Knowing what little I do about the voting patterns of King County, I'd take care to not get what I wish for, were I he.

I wanted to find something out about this fellow, because I wanted to email him, but I didn't find all that much. Here's what I've got:

- A Neal Starkman of Seattle is looking for great teachers.

- Is it the same guy?

- Is this the same guy?

Maybe it doesn't matter. I just like to find out who a "Guest Columnist" is before I weigh his words.

Or should I say "before I way his words", you know, me being Stupid and all.

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