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Thursday, April 01, 2021

If you voted for Biden, then this is what you voted for

 Human smuggling.  Sex trafficking.  Child abuse.  Biden voters voted for this.  Point it out to them at every opportunity.

On March 31, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released video footage of two girls getting thrown over the border wall into New Mexico. According to CBP, they were dropped from the top of the wall by two men, and fell 14 feet to the ground. The girls, from Ecuador, are sisters aged three and five years old.


The video, shot at night in infrared, shows two men bringing the girls to the top of the wall and then dropping them to the hard ground below. The first girl struggles to get up as the second girl falls to the ground next her, appearing to land directly on her tailbone.

The camera then pans to follow the two men as they walk back away from the wall on the Mexico side.

Trump was reducing the flow of illegal aliens, and Biden ripped the doors off and welcomed everybody in.  If you voted for Biden, then you voted for this.  It wasn't a secret.  It wasn't a hidden agenda.  The Democrats were boldly open about their desire to allow all the illegal aliens into this country.  And so now we get this.

So now that the cartels are making millions upon millions of dollars a day from smuggling humans across the border, as well as additional millions from smuggling drugs, and even more millions from using women and children as sex slaves, all I can tell any Leftist who wants to pull at my heart-strings is "FUCK YOU, OWN IT!"  These Leftists want to claim the moral high ground, but how moral is it to allow the cartels to traffic teenage girls as prostitutes?  How moral is it to allow fentanyl and other narcotics into this country as we're going through an overdose epidemic?  How moral is it to allow coyotes to rape women and children who are getting smuggled in to this country, to the point that girls as young as ten have to be given a pregnancy test by the Border Patrol?

The Left has no moral standing.  Do not let them try to claim one.  They are not compassionate, they are not moral, they are not "caring", they are a progressive rot on this country.  Make them own it.  Every fucking day.


Adrienne said...

Once again, Dave - you nailed it! What's going on is horrible and inhumane. But what do expect from people who think it's okay to rip a baby from it's mother's womb and call it choice?

Ragin' Dave said...

Oh, I don't expect much. But understand that their claim of the moral high ground is bullshit, and I refuse to allow them to push their delusions of adequacy on me.