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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Take your Kung Flu passport, fold it sideways, and shove it up your ass

 But of course, that drooling halfwit wants more government control over private citizens.  Well, not him specifically, but his puppet masters sure do.

Government lusts to control and destroy, and this idea embodies everything we fear about government. The civil liberties concern about the PATRIOT Act is Sesame Street compared to this unholy idea. It’s being mulled, and you will not be able to do anything without one. Want to add a cherry on top of this authoritarian sundae? Yeah, it’ll be tracking us too. 

Well, given that the DNC morphed into the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party, it should be no surprise that they're all about demanding your papers before they let you travel.   Of course, New York's own Governor Granny Killer is all about the papers.  Hey, he can track whoever he wants now, right?  That sexy girl he groped in a bar who turned him down?  He knows where she's going, right?

Too add even more shit on top of that sundae, even MIT is being to admit that the anti-maskers are using that pesky "evidence" to prove their points that the pandemic is coming to a close.

We are making headway though, albeit frustratingly slower than we would like. And while our gains may be snail-like for us, the other side has been paying attention, and they are NOT happy about it. So, how SHOULD the powers-that-be deal with us rebellious, meddling upstarts who refuse to know our place, especially when we happen to have the data on our side and are using it effectively? One team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did a whole lot of research to find out.

The Kung Flu was never as deadly as they told us, it came from a lab in Wuhan, China and not from some bat in a wet market, and the main damage it caused was the loss of freedom and prosperity because politicians loved them some lockdowns and tyrannical power grabs.  And don't think that's just a hit against the Dems.  Most of the states instituted some kind of lock-down for a period of time, and it was all for bullshit reasons.  Although, thank goodness, local officials did their best to ignore the mandates when they could do so.  But the politicization of "SCIENCE" has leveled any kind of trust that public officials ever had.  

“As a subculture, anti-masking amplifies anti-establishment currents pervasive in U.S. political culture,” the paper reads. “Data literacy, for anti-maskers, exemplifies distinctly American ideals of intellectual self-reliance, which historically takes the form of rejecting experts and other elites. The counter-visualizations that they produce and circulate not only challenge scientific consensus, but they also assert the value of independence in a society that they believe promotes an overall de-skilling and dumbing-down of the population for the sake of more effective social control. As they see it, to counter-visualize is to engage in an act of resistance against the stifling influence of central government, big business, and liberal academia … Most fundamentally, the groups we studied believe that science is a process, and not an institution.”

Read that again.  And then understand that the douchetools wrote that paragraph to be a negative reflection on the anti-mask groups.

Gah.  I'm off to the salt mine.


Glypto Dropem said...

"My body, my choice!"

Isn't that what the infanticide harpies scream for? Well I, a privelged white heterosexual male boomer, have now adopted it for "the jab."

Fuck your unlicensed, experimental "vaccine."

Ragin' Dave said...

There's a bunch of us at work who have plainly said "Nope" to the jab.