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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Cloward-Piven has been reached

 It's all about overwhelming the system so the system can be destroyed.

Due to what we believe is misdirected policy from Washington, DC undocumented persons are being released into our communities. This is overloading our NGOs and nonprofits. Once released we have an affirmative responsibility to provide some standard of care for these people. Our local community resources are no longer able to provide social services to our own citizens. We have no meaningful assistance from the federal government. The appearance is of washing their hands of a mess they alone created and leaving it to border communities to struggle through. This is completely unacceptable.

That's my emphasis there, and it's pretty damn important.  The Democrats are deliberately, and with extreme malice, attempting to bring in as many illegal aliens as they can into the USA, because they know the USA can't handle it.  We don't have the resources to bring in millions more people who all need food, shelter, health care, and have no way of getting it because they have no jobs and no real education.  So what happens?  The system is overrun.  Good, law-abiding citizens can't get any help because all the help is going towards illegal aliens.  This is the perfect example of Cloward-Piven.  And this is being done deliberately by the Democrats.

Oh, and there's the added bonus of all the money being made by the drug cartels, but the Democrat Party considers that a bonus.  I mean, they had no problem running guns to the cartels, so why should the DNC care about the cartels drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex slaves and various other crimes?

He also detailed how the cartels operate. He talked about the recycling of children who cross the border with multiple adults to gain easier entry. Dannels said the crossing price in his Arizona county is $6,000. When individuals cross and are indebted, illegal migrants become involved in the sex trade, drug smuggling, and gangs due to these debts. This pattern affects the safety and security of small towns along the border:

And of course, while that drooling fucking halfwit pResident mumbles on about mask mandates, he's allowing Covid-positive illegal aliens to just traipse on in to this country without so much as a waiting period.

This is deliberate action, by people who hate this country and want to destroy it.  People who hate YOU and want to see you suffer.

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