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Monday, March 01, 2021

The Establishment can go fuck themselves

 I don't have an argument with the author of this piece, but it's what his friend said close to the end that gave me a red curtain of blood over my eyes.

Not long after I got to CPAC this year, I tweeted that GOP voters will no longer accept candidates who do not support their interests. A good friend who hews closer to the old establishment than I do responded, asking what if the voters don’t know what is in their own interests.

They honestly think they're smarter than you.  They honestly think they have the right to tell you what to do, and what's in your own "best interests".

They have fucked this country beyond all belief.  They have surrendered every last principle they claimed to have, they've given away your freedoms hand over fist.  They've turned a free and prosperous nation into a marxist police state, and they think they can tell you what your own best interest is.

Fuck the GOP establishment.  They are nothing but arrogant, clueless, isolated, insulated from reality, big-state, nanny-government shitstains, and they can all go to hell.  

Do read the whole thing, because despite what the establishment GOP thinks, we're not going back to allowing them to stab us in the back and sell us to the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party.  This is Trump's GOP, and we're far better for it.


MSG Grumpy said...

I am on a local (county Republican) Facebook page. It is a supposedly closed page and moderated. When I first got on the page I was shocked at the level of demoncrat loving nonsense being spouted.
I had a lot of contempt for the moderators that approved confirmed demoncrats for membership. Those were easy to spot and most members would flame them when they posted.
But the thing that really got me was the ones just like the slimy animal in the article. Their appalling self righteous attitudes and assumed superiority over those knuckle dragging conservatives is what I found most shocking. What was discouraging was when I came to realize that not only were these Rino's running our county Republican organization, their big brothers are running our state Republican Party.
Just to let you know, we are NOT California...
We are TEXAS...Supposedly as Red a state as there is...
Yet thanks to the Rino's we have been steadily loosing ground as more and more voters become disgusted with our party.
Their answer? We need to "reach across the isle" and "become more like them".
Que the Blood Pressure Meds...
Fortunately we (actual Texans) are fighting back. We just installed the very first actual Republican as the head of our State Republican Party (Allan West)...But we again lost the Speaker's chair to another Rino supported demoncrat insurgency. (Slimy Phalen replaces the corrupt and slimy Bonnen)
I feel you pain...
Pray for the State of Texas as we try to fight the spineless cowards in our own party so that we can fight the treasonous bastards in the demoncrat party.

MSG Grumpy

Ragin' Dave said...

I'd join you in Texas, but I'm trying to stop the Californication of Idaho at the same time.