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Thursday, March 04, 2021

Why didn't Congress fund Operation Warp Speed?

 Because the Democrats would rather you die, than Donald Trump get any credit at all.

The real scandal is why Congress never put big funding behind Operation Warp Speed–thus requiring the administration to fund OWS by surreptitiously cutting elsewhere. The Trump administration gets blamed for its inept handling of the pandemic but Congress is supposed to be in charge of the laws and the purse strings and Congress was an abysmal failure. Who in Congress lauded let alone funded Operation Warp Speed, the only big success of the pandemic response?

It's not like the Democrats value your life at all, or your freedoms, rights, liberties, personal property, or any other thing that allows you to survive outside of the government.  Youi are nothing to them.  The Democrats hate you, and they want you to die.  Why should they fund an initiative that would let you live, and open the country up sooner than they want?  Opening up the country removes some of their power, and they can't have that.

Funding Operation Warp Speed would have been antithetical to everything they want.

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