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Monday, March 01, 2021

I stole this


From here.


BLM said...

Ummm, so "Black Lives Matter" somehow means that other lives matter less? And you base that on what? They mission of BLM? Which I assume you've read? It's very easy to find.

Ragin' Dave said...

Other lives certainly matter less to the organization known as Black Lives Matter. On top of their racist views, they are avowedly Marxist, seek to destroy the nuclear family, and are opposed to pretty much everything that made this country great.

George Mckay said...

BoweLMovement removed this tidbit from their website. People were seeing them for what they really are - racist marxists whose goal is the destruction of the family unit and fealty to "their" point of view. I am totally disgusted with the press they get - all glowing and touchy-feely. They ought to be in prison - ALL OF THEM but, the left is using these useful idiots for their goals which are one and the same. Destroy the family unit and force people to pledge fealty to Schmoe/horizontalharris and wear your mask.


Ragin' Dave said...

And let's not forget what BLM and Antifa truly are - the Democrat Party's shock troops on the ground. That's why the Democrat Party never once condemned the looting, the riots, the burning, the destruction. Hell, the Democrats are actively hoping that people fight back against BLM/Antifa, because then they'll have their propaganda they need to attack America as a bunch of racist redneck bible-thumping sister-humping fly-over country Jesus freaks who need to be disarmed. Look what happened to that couple in St. Louis. They that couple was a pair of Democrats, not even Republicans.