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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

And now they've cancelled Dr. Seuss

 Although what they hate isn't really Dr. Seuss.  It's you, and everything you stand for.  It's the middle-class American family who goes to church on Sunday and cheers at Friday night football games.  It's the two-parent nuclear family that they want to cancel, and they're attacking anything and everything associated with it by calling it "racist" or "problematic".

Dr. Seuss isn't racist.  He was, in fact, and anti-racist, and his books reflect that.  But like Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn", which was one of the greatest anti-racist books ever written when it was published, it can't be allowed to exist because it conflicts with the narrative being pushed by anti-family, anti-American groups.  Like Black Lives Matter, who used to have the balls to admit that they wanted to destroy the two-parent nuclear family.  But they took that part down from their mission statement a while ago, when it became problematic for them to admit their goals.  Of course, they didn't renounce their goals, they just hid them from the public.

You know, no matter how much I hate and loath Marxists, I never called for the banning of Das Kapitol, or Mein Kampf, because I wanted them out there for people to see.   I wanted people to see and hear exactly what the Marxists believed.  Marxists don't want anyone to see or hear you or what you believe, because they're afraid of it.

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