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Thursday, March 11, 2021

I read this headline, and I think "Well, Duh!"

 Senate Republicans are Failing Us.....  Big Time.

The Democratic Party stood virtually united “resisting” Trump for four years. Their stalwart opposition was ruthless and unwavering. It had been my hope that if there was any lasting legacy of Trump in the Republican Party it would be that he taught them not just to not walk away from a fight but to actually fight back.

Yet again, I find myself disappointed.

We've all known for years that the GOP establishment was a collection of spineless grifters, gutless cowards, back-stabbing traitors, pathetic wimps in gimp suits who give up any and all principles when told to do so by the DNC masters.

Now, we've gotten some good ones in office over the past few election cycles, but Mitch McConnell is still in control.  And that means that there are a majority of RINOs and traitors in the GOP to keep him in power.

Any spine McConnell showed over the last four years was loaned to him by Trump.  And when Trump left, so did that spine.


Adrienne said...

On the upside in news, Post Falls voted down the school levy - the only ones who did. All the other levy's passed. Post Falls for the win!!!!

Deserttrek said...

I gave up being disappointed with the gop.
I am surprised when they do the the right thing

Adrienne said...

Well - I know where to come if I'm in search of a hot woman :-)

Ragin' Dave said...

Yeah, the spammers are working overtime. All gone for now, but I expect more to show up. They starting hitting this blog the same time the little gamma was vomiting on every post, so I might just start moderating comments.

Pigpen51 said...

Paul Ryan screwed gun owners during the first two years of Trump's administration, so it is no real surprise that more Republicans are still following the same course. I really thought we had John James both the first time, against Debbie Stabenow, and this time against Gary Peters, I even gave money this time, for the first time in my life, but I truly believe that the Democrat machine used the Dominion machines, to screw not only Trump, but also John James.
Dig that foxhole deeper, friends, because this fight has only just begun.

Ragin' Dave said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that James got screwed by the same vote manufacturing system that stole the election for President Asterisk. The same thing happened to him that happened to Trump.