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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

"Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" feel betrayed

 You know who I feel betrayed by?  Idiots who call themselves Pro-Life but voted for a drooling halfwit who supports abortion without restrictions.

Yet they voted for Biden on the belief that he was a moderate, and that despite his explicitly radical pro-baby slaughter position, he would be the cordial grandpa who brought civility back to D.C.

He told us this was his goal! He made no bones about it.

I don't know how anyone who claims to be Pro-Life could listen to what Biden said, read his statements, and decide "Yeah, I'm gonna vote for this guy!  He seems like he'll protect the unborn children!"

Dude, Biden won't even protect the children who have been born - look at what he's doing on the border, where coyotes and the cartels are free to traffic in child sex slaves again.  

So congratulations, pRo-LiFe eVanGeLiCals for BiDeN, you just helped cement the very real potentiality that our taxdollars will be actively used to murder children by the millions in the womb. And that's just the beginning.

But at least we don't have mean tweets anymore.

If you voted for Biden, you voted to murder babies in the womb.  That was never in question.  It was clear from the start.  These so called "pro life" people are either willfully blind or lying.


Anonymous said...

Sadly these two(and others like them) will not learn from this mistake. Sadly, this group will transform into Pro-Life Evangelicals for Harris in 2024.


Ragin' Dave said...

Ain't that the sad truth? Because their faith isn't anywhere as important as their politics. Which says all you need to know about their faith.

Pigpen51 said...

But Trump said that he could grab a hot woman by the pussy. I worked in a steel foundry for over 35 years, right out of high school. And believe me, I heard much worse than that, by just about everyone that ever worked there, at one time or another.
Even myself, and I am not only a Christian, but I also attended a year of Bible college. When you work 12 hour shifts doing dangerous, hot, heavy work, for 7 days a weeks, for months in a row, sometimes you can get stir crazy. Or you get some metal splashed down your glove, and it burns you and you cuss up a storm. In other words, men are not ladies with white gloves at an afternoon tea party. It is how we cope with seeing horrific things, like a colleague getting burned to death, or another one bringing his two young sons in on a thanksgiving day, and burning them both to death, knowing that you have to go back the following monday.
So sometimes men can be crude, and some men are sexually crude, especially those with a certain personality type.
That has no effect on the policies that you support, or don't support. Or on whether you are pro death or pro life. That comes from deep within, and has more to do with your inner character, and your outlook on life. How you vote is based on which candidate more closely lines up with most of your policies, not the public persona that they show on the closely monitored and touched up picture that their media person shows you on camera.
The truth is, we blew it, by not thinking that the Dems would either get out such a large vote, or that they would cheat so much, and didn't get enough of our own voters out. We cannot ever afford that to happen again.