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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

You get what you vote for,

 And you get it good and hard.

According to researchers Kathryn McCollister and Michael French of the University of Miami, and Hai Fang of the University of Colorado, the total economic cost of a murder (adjusted for inflation) is more than $11 million. Critically, murders and aggravated assaults together represent the lion’s share (over 70 percent) of the cost of all crime. That would put 2020’s murder tax at $220 billion—$45 billion more than 2019. Similarly, aggravated assaults, including shootings, will tally at least another $120 billion in social costs.

The social cost of homicide includes robbing families of breadwinners, burdening law enforcement, courts, and corrections systems, and depriving communities and citizens of peace of mind and opportunity. This staggering “murder tax” is borne largely but those who can least afford to pay, America’s urban poor.

America's Urban Poor, who haven't voted for a Republican in their lifetimes.  This is being called the "Minneapolis Effect".  Minneapolis had it's last Republican mayor in 1973.  And he was only mayor for ONE DAY (don't ask me why, I don't know).  Prior to that, the last full-time Republican mayor left office in 1961.

Democrats, voting for Democrats, enacting Democrat policies, created a situation in Democrat cities that effects mostly Democrats.  They got what they wanted.  They got what they voted for.  They got what they demanded.  I can no longer give a shit about someone who repeatedly shoots themselves in the foot, and the screams that I'm a racist.  They got what they wanted.  They got what they voted for.  And in all reality, there's not a single damn thing I could do about it were I so inclined.  All I can do is stand back and watch the dumpster fire.


The Old Man said...

Problem is they're hellbent on telling EVERYBODY what to do and say. That attitude does not feed the bulldog.

Drumwaster said...

Currently, Minneapolis' city council has 12 of its 13 members as members of the Democrat Party, and the 13th is a member of the Green Party. Who does the Chief of Police work for? That city council. The Governor of Minnesota? A Democrat. The Lt. Gov? A Democrat. The AG? Yet one more.

George Floyd's death is officially listed as a COVID death, and the autopsy showed no bruises, abrasions, or contusions on his chest, neck and head (although he had enough drugs in his blood stream to knock a horse out). The video shows those cops just standing there because the one kneeling on his chest was exactly following the procedures they had all been taught, and body-cam video showed George saying "I can't breathe", BEFORE THEY EVERY TOUCHED HIM. They hadn't even gotten him to get out of the car yet, and he was already complaining about breathing troubles.

All of that, and his death is Trump's fault? A man who has been in politics for fewer months than the number of years since a Republican held office in that city, but it's his fault?

All of that, and how the city has offered his family $27 MILLION to just shut up and go away.

Burn it all down. Salt the ground and let its name be used to frighten our children about what will happen if they don't eat their veggies.