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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Oh, for the love of....

 I'm busting my ass yet again for the military this weekend, and when I come home to relax I find THIS?

If you didn’t think the whole “controversy” surrounding Tucker Carlson’s commentary earlier this week on how the Department of Defense is busy politicizing and feminizing the U.S. military as China makes their military more masculine could get any more absurd, you were wrong.

When last we left you, the DOD was furiously issuing official statements on Carlson’s comments as well as having their spokespeople do interviews on cable news outlets to condemn Carlson and assure perpetually-outraged outraged leftists that they were 100% committed to “diversity”:

If this is how the military is spending their time and money, the entire top brass needs to be cleaned out.  The more of this bullshit I see, the more I can't wait until I retire.

Even the Marines aren't immune to the pussification of the military.

I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s nuts. Can you imagine if somebody did this while Trump was president? Just picture a uniformed military officer calling out Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow. Every newspaper in the country would be $#!++ing bricks directly onto the front page. Brian Stelter’s head would explode like somebody forgot to poke holes in it before putting it in the microwave. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

If Tucker wanted to prove that today’s armed forces need a priority check, he couldn’t have written a better script than this. The military isn’t supposed to be publicly haranguing American citizens for criticizing them.

Well, I think any worries people had about military control of this country can be laid to rest.  Just who the hell would do their fighting for them?  Pregnant trannies who identify as pan-gender unicorns who demand new fancier uniforms?  WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE IDIOTS DOING?  Not preparing for wars with peer or near-peer adversaries, that's for sure.

This country is in a tail spin.

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