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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Trump tells Haley to pound sand

 Why in the hell should Trump help the people who shit on him?  He shouldn't.

NIKKI HALEY reached out to former President DONALD TRUMP on Wednesday to request a sit-down at Mar-a-Lago, but a source familiar tells Playbook that he turned her down. The two haven’t spoken since the insurrection on Jan. 6, when Haley blasted Trump for inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol.

The GOP rode Trump's coattails in 2020, and the GOP establishment repaid him by stabbing him in the back at every opportunity.  Trump should use his clout to primary the hell out of the bastards, or in the case of Haley, just let her rot in obscurity.


George Mckay said...

The repukes have truly let Trump down in a big way. Their lack of honesty - telling us it is raining when they are pissing on our leg is very informative. They think we are brainless, mindless autmatons who only vote R or D.

I vote for ideas, concepts, honesty and action. Trump delivered all of these in spades and Haley is not worth a bucket of warm spit now. Her ship has sailed and she is to blame. You cannot dismiss the standard bearer and THEN have the temerity to deign to play nice.

I am truly concerned that it is too late for the repukes and that a total destruction of them is in order. We need a new one - a party that is welcoming, open and incorruptable. No big money, no Soros lackeys and sure as hell no RINOS!


Ragin' Dave said...

Actually, I think this might just be the best time to take the Republican party back, because the nominal leader of that party (Trump) is unwilling to put up with the establishment bullshit. He's launched a broadside against McConnell. He's shut down Haley. Cheney got censured, and three of the other Repukes who voted for impeachment are retiring, meaning we get to replace their pathetic asses.

We don't need another party, we need to take back ours. And Trump can help us do it.

George Mckay said...

It is indeed sad that Trump is the only one REALLY trying to do anything positive. The rest of the repukes are timid pansies. Trump has taken all the arrows and the pansies timidly peep their little pinheads above the wall and spew some platitudes and pop back. Candy asses all.

Sorry Dave, I don't think the repuke party has any life in it. It is run by tired old sacks of shit who only are in it for their self-enrichment and/or aggrandizement.