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Monday, February 15, 2021

True words, alas

 "Alas, it would appear that the spine McConnell had from 2017-20 was merely on loan from Trump."

I keep coming back to something my friend and colleague Kira Davis has been saying a lot lately: the 74+ million Trump voters aren’t simply going to go away, so dismissing and ignoring us is futile. The Democrats haven’t gotten that at all since the election. They’re perpetually obtuse, so that’s understandable.

It’s a shame that McConnell doesn’t get it. He spent a few years giving us a glimpse of what he could be but, sadly, he is who we always thought he was.

Mitch McConnell was a worthless, backstabbing sack of shit prior to Trump.  He was forced to actually do what the GOP voters wanted him to do not out of some sense of duty or obligation to the actual voters, but because he would lose his status as Majority leader if he didn't.  And now that Trump is gone, he's reverted right back to the same spineless swamp-dwelling piece of walking garbage that he was prior to Trump's election.

I expect the same from quite a few of the RINO Uni-Party shitstains.  Of course, Romney is nothing but a huge ego in an expensive suit with no convictions other than what gives him more inside-the-beltway status, but people in Utah are already trying to get him recalled.

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