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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Couple of linky love posts here

 An update on the Kung Flu, with a quote I thought to be appropriate.

As I and others have also been saying now for months, the federal government’s policy of awarding doctors more money if they report all respiratory disease as COVID has apparently cured the human race of the flu. (People might still be getting the flu, but doctors are reporting it routinely as the coronavirus.)

A quote that I heartily agree with:

...if we wanted to really be violent, there would have been special elections. - Christopher Greenstein

Bingo.  If the right had truly wanted to be violent on January 6th, there wouldn't be anything left standing.  

A primary for Mittens?  PLEASE!  DO IT!

Hannity brought the former Utah Congressman and Best-Selling Author on to talk about January 6th events and who was responsible for the breach. While interviewing Chaffetz, Hannity pressed him on whether he would consider running against Senator Mitt Romney in 2022.

Romney needs to be sent packing, almost as much as McConnell.

I'm teleworking today, so I might actually post stuff throughout the day as it goes along.

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