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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

You want reparations?

Reparations for what?  I've never owned slaves, and there ain't a black man alive in America today who was forced to pick cotton.

Tell ya what - how's about we make a deal with this whole "reparations" thing.  Any black person who wants reparations can have them.  And they can get them just as soon as they give up their American citizenship, step on a plane, and go to any African country of their choice.  Go back to their motherland, if they're so caught up in their blackness and all that entails.  Hell, I'd be willing to put them on a boat just so they can carry more of their personal belongings, and drop them off on any country in Western Africa.  They get the cash, they get on the boat (a cargo boat, not a cruise ship), they leave and NEVER COME BACK.

Then, and only then, will I consider the possibility of reparations of acts that occurred prior to anyone in my family arriving on these shores.  Until then, they can all kiss my ass.


Drumwaster said...

As has been opined elsewhere on the Internet: "So if we pay reparations, will we finally get our Right to Freely Associate back?"

Ragin' Dave said...

Free Association?


If this get's pushed with any kind of seriousness, I imagine in 20 years or so, maybe less, we'll be hearing about how all the other various intersectional groups will require reparations as well. After all, this is just a vote-buying scheme.