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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Portland Auto Show

So my 7 year-old is obsessed with cars and as a treat the Mrs & I took him to the Portland Auto Show on Thursday. It was unsurprisingly compact given the state of the economy and lacked any show-case concept cars so the show was a complete bust for me but it was still a pleasant walk-through.

I can tell you Chrysler is doomed... GM is still clueless showing up with dozens of Cameros without really featuring their offerings. Kia, Hyundai and Ford showed up to sell and drew my attention, but I have a confession about a bit of misbehavior on my part when I wandered through the Toyota section.

You know those bling wielding faux-tan stock-broker looking salesmen that seem to dominate Toyota dealerships? Well one particularly stereo-typical bombast was pontificating about how he's 'never taken a counter offer on a Toyota in all his years of sales because Toyota just doesn't have to'...

No one projects their voice like that unless they are intending to 'share' their wisdom with the rest of us.

And I couldn't help myself. I piped up, in my loudest syrupiest voice, "you don't RECALL ever taking a counter offer ever? Ever? I'm surprised you can't RECALL taking a counter as I myself can RECALL making a counter on a Toyota."

And every time I said "RECALL" I squawked it out...

My wife accelerated out of there like... well like a Toyota with a sticking gas pedal.

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Ragin' Dave said...

Car Salesmen are their own particular kind of sleaze, aren't they?