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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are you sick of hearing about socialized health care?

Too bad. This is quite possibly the most important thing we face, because if the Democrat American Communist Party gets their way your parents could be laying in a hospital bed being denied treatment because it's too expensive for the all-powerful Nanny Government to pay for.

This is not a joke. When your parents are gasping for breath as the government doctor says "Sorry, we can't help you, your parents are just going to die because we won't pay for their treatment." what are you going to do? Where are you going to turn? THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE FOR US TO GO. When YOU are lying on a hospital bed struggling to live, and the government somewhere makes the decision that saving your life isn't cost effective.... what are you going to do?

This is a video posted by Kevin Baker. Watch it. Listen as the Leftists who are right now pushing for socialized health care talk about their plans IN THE OPEN.

It. Must. Be. Stopped.

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