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Monday, August 10, 2009

Here, try this out

Tamara has an observation about the experience of shooting at Camp Perry, the gist of which is this - there are a lot of friendly people out there in the shooting world.

Just show up for a match in your street clothes with no gear, and folks will come up to you and ask "Do you need a spotting scope? A mat? A gun? Want some pointers?" For this to happen at Camp fricken' Perry is like showing up in the stands at Wimbledon and having Serena Williams or Andre Agassi walk up and ask "Do you want to play? Do you need a racket? I can let you borrow one..."
The one thing that I have found at shooting ranges, no matter when or where, is that most folks are as friendly as you could possibly imagine. When the step-son and I were at the range, there was a gentleman there who was kindly offering actual advice as well as his various firearms for the both of us. I got a chance to try out a .44 Mag, a 545 Casul, and a Desert Eagle. When I was shooting up in the Seattle area, there were plenty of people willing to swap advice, stories, and chances to shoot their guns.

Shooting is a brotherhood. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true.

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