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Monday, September 08, 2008

I'll bet my paycheck

That this woman votes for the Democrat American Communist Party.

The Americans are doing it again, mystifying the masses here with their weird, weird presidential elections.

To the Chinese, who are spared by the one-party Communist system of such complications as electoral colleges and party caucuses, the spectacle unfolding in the United States is not a very tempting advertisement for democracy.

Feel the stupid, folks. "Spared" from the horror of a two party system by the wonderful Communist Party! Right, because the Chinese can vote for anyone they want, but there's only one name on the ticket!

Yet if the Chinese think the U.S. presidential campaign is chaotic and unseemly, there is good reason. Chinese coverage has not exactly highlighted the more flattering aspects of the American political process.
Well gee, why wouldn't the ChiComs want to paint a flattering picture of American Politics? Maybe because if the Chinese found out that the rest of the world isn't forced to abort their second child, they might get a little ticked off?

And that, folks, is why I canceled my newspaper subscription when I lived in Seattle. Found at RSN.

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