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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Adding on to Steve's post below

I seem to be doing that a lot. So sue me. One guy's post starts the wheels turning.

Here's a question for my readers: Can you identify the Palestinian Army uniform?

Of course you can't. They use Hamas and Fatah "militants" as their army. They have no uniformed military service. They're freaking TERRORISTS, for cryin' out loud. So that fact ties in with THIS fact:

Every time you read about Palestinian "civilians" being killed, you cannot think of that as a western civilizations. Because all of the militants being killed are technically "civilians". They don't wear a uniform. They don't follow the Geneva Conventions. They don't target other military forces.

They wear civilian garb. They target other civilians. They use hospitals, schools, and other bases of population as attack points.

What does this all mean? Well, because we have a biased, worthless, kool-aid guzzling media, what this means is that if the IDF kills some shithead who's attacking a disco or pizza joint, then they've killed a "civilian".

Think about that. According to the MSM, some terrorist asshat firing an AK-47 at a group of Jews waiting for a bus is technically a "civilian".

According to the MSM, some carpet-munching fuckstick who's assaulting an IDF checkpoint is a "civilian".

According to the MSM, some turbaned tumblefuck who's firing rockets into an Israeli town is a "civilian".

So when you hear about "60 civilians" being killed..... well, you can bet good money that 59 of them were carrying rifles or RPGs and attacking Israel. So, to anyone who had a brain and who lives in the real world, they're not "civilians". They are "enemy combatants", and they are perfectly legitimate targets.

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